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The Intersection of Science and Experience

As the demand for detection dogs continues to grow, MK9 Solutions is well positioned to assist your agency with top quality U.S. bred detection dogs.

What Makes Us Different

MK9 Solutions bring decades of collective knowledge to the table. We leverage the latest advancements in canine genetics and performance to make informed breeding choices, resulting in dogs that are environmentally sound, behaviorally stable and performance driven.

Comprehensive Development Program

Their one-year development program goes through four phases of age-appropriate canine development, including those specially designed for early puppy development, neurological stimulation, environmental exploration, and self-learning, all focused on developing confidence and detection performance.

Our team

What We Deliver

Our state-of-the-art facilities exceed industry standards for cleanliness, safety, and comfort. Regular health check-ups, vaccinations, and carefully curated nutrition plans ensure our dogs thrive physically and mentally.

What We Deliver
What We Deliver
Our mission

Our Mission Is Simple

To meet the growing demand for U.S purpose-bred canines by producing exceptional Labrador Retrievers that excel in their designated roles. We understand the critical importance of our dogs in fields such as law enforcement, national security, public safety, and therapy roles.

Rooted in USA: Your Partner in Building Your Detection Team

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